MFN Urges Activists to Demand an Environmental Justice Freight System Agenda

Recently, two of President Biden’s top environmental justice advisers have left their positions, leaving people to wonder who and how the Administration will implement their environmental justice campaign agenda. Furthermore, over one year ago, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis – and while the words uplift EJ as a priority, we’re still waiting to see the actions necessary to reach these goals. 

And it is just that demand for action that the Moving Forward Network members continue to advocate and demand of the Administration.  In a year full of challenges and changes, from a global pandemic that continues to impact our communities, to political shifts, to increased reliance on organizing in a virtual space, our members remain committed to moving mountains in order to protect their communities and advance environmental justice.

One way we’ve taken action is through our letter campaign to the Administration – and we’ve sent almost 200 letters in a few short months, from allies and supporters demanding action on the Administration’s environmental justice commitments and necessary zero-emissions solutions. The number of letters continues to climb!

This year, we’ll continue to make our voices heard and our demands clear. Our network is calling on the Biden Administration to prioritize an environmental justice agenda and aggressively move zero-emission solutions across the freight transportation system. 

Freight transportation relies on thousands upon thousands of diesel trucks, locomotives, ships, and cargo handling equipment, aimed at moving huge volumes of goods from places of its origin to the marketplace and doorsteps. We need the Administration to step up and protect our communities with regulations and resources!

To learn more about our demands and our goals – read our 10/26/21 letter submitted to the EPA detailing a number of demands and recommendations for addressing environmental racism caused by the freight transportation system. 

MFN remains committed to working with our members towards our mission to build power with communities to transform the global freight transportation system and advance environmental justice.

You can support these efforts by:

  1. Signing up to join the Moving Forward: Zero Emission in Freight Campaign.
  2. Sending a letter to the Administration to demand a zero emissions future.

 We know that we are stronger when we work together towards building collective power.

Feature Image Source: California Department of Transportation