MFN Skillshare Video Series


Heavy Duty Truck Pollution and Grassroots Led Solutions

Dr. Bruce Strouble, Atenas Mena, José Acosta-Córdova, Andrea Vidaurre & Dave Cooke

Join MFN as we uncover the devastating impacts of heavy-duty truck pollution on environmental justice communities, and learn why the EPA can’t miss this opportunity to strengthen the Phase 3 GHG Rule.

With panelists:

Dr. Bruce Strouble from Citizens for a Sustainable Future

Atenas Mena from CleanAirNow 

José Acosta-Córdova from Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

Dave Cooke from Union of Concerned Scientists

Mutual Aid

Dawn Wells-Clyburn & Andrew Delmonte

Join Dawn Wells-Clyburn (of People United for Sustainable Housing) and Andrew Delmonte (of Cooperation Buffalo) as they share the why and how to set up mutual aid work.

During this webinar, we look at the solidarity economy framework for promoting social solidarity. You’ll learn how to staff and support a mutual aid hub, best practices for creating partnerships and allies, and tips on fundraising.

For more information, visit PUSH Buffalo’s Website and Cooperation Buffalo.

Follow PUSH Buffalo: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Follow Cooperation Buffalo: Twitter

Meaningful Storytelling

Felica T. Perez

Join Felica T. Perez, a friend of MFN, formerly from the Center for Story-based Strategy, as we learn about how to strategically tell the stories of our work and world in a way that is meaningful and therefore powerful. Expect several case studies from personal storytelling advocacy work to non-violent direct actions.

During this webinar, we look at how meaningful storytelling can create community power. You’ll learn the core concepts for story-based strategy and how to apply them to leadership development and problem solving. 

For more information, visit Felicia’s Website, specifically: 3 and 3: Meaningful Storytelling and Organizing Resources.

Global to Local Climate Change

Dr. David Rahn

Join Dr. David Rahn, associate professor in the Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science at the University of Kansas, as we learn about how different places around the world experience different climate impacts.

During this webinar, we look at how understanding regional changes and impacts can be used for building community power.

For more information, visit KU Department of Geography & Atmospheric Science.

For more resources on climate change data:

Truck Counts Skillshare

Odette Moran & Wendy Gutschow

Join Odette Moran, Community Organizer from CAUSE Now Oxnard and Wendy Gutschow, Program Administrator from the Community Engagement team at the University of Southern California Environmental Health Centers as we learn about how we may be able to harness the power of Truck Counts.

During this webinar, we look at how community collected and owned data can reveal the disparities within communities when it comes to heavily trafficked roads. You’ll learn the practical steps to implementing a truck count in your community. Resources shared during the webinar can be found here on Google Drive.

For more information, visit the USC Environmental Health Centers.

For community engagement resources and research materials related to goods movement and freight transport visit SCEHSC Community Engagement Resources.

Visit the  CAUSE Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

SciCAN Skillshare

Beto Lugo, Katherine Catalano, Linda Trey, Elizabeth Friedman & Dr. P Qasimah Boston

Join MFN member Beto Lugo from ClearAirNow Kansas City as he explains how Science and Community Action Network (SciCAN) can be used to bridge the divide between science and activism. Beto is joined by Katherine Catalano, Linda Trey, Elizabeth Friedman, and Dr. P Qasimah Boston who represents Tallahassee Food Network, MFN Research/Scientific At-Large Advisory Board Member and MFN Research Working Group co-chair.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about the benefits and resources available to SciCAN users, such as connections to allies from a variety of backgrounds without geographical barriers, and access to shared research, resources, projects, and personal stories.

For more information, visit!

Visit the CleanAirNow Website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

EJ Screen Skillshare

Dr. Bruce Strouble

Join MFN Member Dr. Bruce Strouble from Citizens for A Sustainable Future, as we learn how to harness the power of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Screening (EJSCREEN) and Mapping Tool for community advocacy and organizing.

Dr. Bruce Strouble is a Research/Scientific At-Large Advisory Board member for the Moving Forward Network. He is the Founder and Director of Citizens for A Sustainable Future, formed to ensure that the next generation of African American children benefit from thriving sustainable communities.

For more information, visit the Citizen’s for a Sustainable Future Website, Twitter page, and Facebook page.

Making a Shekere

Dr. Qasimah Boston

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MFN Member and artist Dr. Boston was moved to create a #shekeremovementforjustice initiative with the goal of adding a spirit-moving initiative into the movement for justice. In short, a shekere is a musical instrument originating in Africa made of a gourd, beads, and string. This initiative took hold and now, Shekeres For Justice are nationwide thanks to her work.

During this webinar, you will see how a shekere is made, learn about the materials used to make it, and hear the rhythm played by the shekere. You’ll also be able to take deeper action by joining the
#shekeremovementforjustice and contribute to the movement for justice

Interested in learning more? You can read more by searching the hashtag
#shekeremovementforjustice on social media. Or, request a kit by direct messaging @thecreativespirit5 on Instagram!

To stay in contact with Dr. Boston, visit
The Tallahassee Food Network Facebook Page or email her.

Air Monitoring Use for Data Collection

Beto Lugo

It’s no secret that environmental racism is affecting our communities across the country. For decades environmental justice communities have been burdened by high levels of toxic air, water, and soil pollution. What’s the solution? To organize with the community, and further community led solutions to improve public health!

Join MFN Member Beto Lugo from CleanAirNow Kansas as he discusses how his organization and others use personal air monitors for data collection. During this webinar, you’ll learn that engaging in air monitoring and turning invisible pollution into data points gives decision making power to those who are directly impacted by the findings.Interested in learning more? Linked below are a few helpful resources Beto has passed along:

To stay in contact with Beto, visit or email him at

Using Census Data for Organizing and Advocacy

Melissa Miles, Paul J. Allen & Luke Hellgren

Have you ever wondered how census data, organizing, and advocacy are interconnected? Look no further! Join MFN Member Melissa Miles from New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, as well as panelists Paul J. Allen and Luke Hellgren from MJ Bradley and Associates, as we learn about the power of data!

During this webinar, we look at the recent MJ Bradley report and the data tool used in its creation, specifically on how to use census tract level data for understanding, organizing and advocacy. You’ll learn that community-specific data, led by community, is critical to environmental justice work, as well as how to use data driven tools to gauge the impacts of electrification on the pollution emissions of a fenceline community.

To stay in contact with Melissa or MJ Bradley and Associates, please visit and for more information.