Moving Forward:

Demand Zero Emission Freight Now

Environmental justice communities and frontline workers bear the brunt of climate impacts and local pollution from ports and freight transportation. 

We demand environmental justice and equity across the freight sector for our communities now!

Freight transportation relies on a myriad of trucks, trains, and ships traversing through our communities to move goods from place to place. All of which generates a significant amount of localized pollution in environmental justice communities and for frontline workers while exacerbating the climate crisis across the country.

A zero emissions freight system is required to reach environmental justice

Achieving a zero emission future for our freight system will require a holistic approach that prioritizes environmental justice. Communities and frontline workers demand action by holding decision-makers and industries accountable; through advocacy and organizing to change the laws and policies that will protect us from the harms caused by the freight sector.

The voices from environmental justice communities and frontline workers must not only be included – but centered – as we turn towards new solutions for a zero emission future. MFN and its members are deeply committed to advancing environmental justice, equity, economic justice, and a just transition. 


MFN Letter to US EPA demanding environmental justice and equity across the freight sector for our communities now!

On Oct 26th 2021, The Moving Forward Network submitted this letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which illustrates the need for EPA to prioritize environmental justice in freight impacted communities by aggressively advancing zero-emission technology and solutions across the freight sector.

As stated in the letter, there is a critical need for immediate actions to be taken. With people’s health on the line, the EPA must move a Zero Emissions agenda, which crosses the freight transportation sector and prioritizes environmental justice communities.

The freight transportation system is one of the largest sources of pollution across the country. Freight transportation relies on thousands upon thousands of diesel trucks, locomotives, ships and cargo handling equipment, aimed at moving huge volumes of goods from places of its origin to the marketplace and doorsteps. Presently, this system contributes to significant amounts of localized pollution in areas that are already overburdened by pollution. All of which generates a significant amount of pollution that contributes to an ongoing health crisis in environmental justice communities and the climate crisis across the globe.

It’s time that EPA takes action!

Making the Case PDF Brief

The Making the Case for Zero-Emission Solutions in Freight brief is a working document that centers community knowledge and expertise and identifies local solutions that call for community, industry, labor, government, and political action with the goal of advancing equity, environmental justice, and a zero emissions focused just transition. In this report, the Moving Forward Network (MFN) outlines the ways that freight emissions jeopardize the health of communities of color and low income communities, while also significantly contributing to climate change. The brief also provides community envisioned solutions, policy tools, technological considerations, and key recommendations.

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