Angelo Logan of MFN and other national environmental justice leaders vow to continue battle for justice

The EJ poster image above is courtesy of Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources

Since the election of Donald Trump, environmental justice leaders across the country have been strategizing about how to continue to fight for justice in the face of expected big shifts in Federal government priorities.  One theme that has been consistent – they will not stand down.


Angelo Logan, campaign director, Moving Forward Network, as quoted by Keith Rushing, Lead Advocacy Press Secretary, Earthjustice

Last Friday, Keith Rushing, Lead Advocacy Press Secretary for Earthjustice, wrote one of the best articles on the subject, Environmental Justice Leaders to Stand Strong in the Trump Era. Keith interviewed three EJ leaders – Angelo Logan, campaign director of the Moving Forward Network, Peggy Shepard, executive director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice in New York City, and Hilton Kelley, director of the Community In-Power and Development Association in Port Arthur, Texas.

Keith’s summary regarding how EJ organizations can hold the line and ramp up their work is that four things are necessary, (1) Stand strong in the face of adversity, (2) Get a seat at the table at the national level, (3) Keep up state and local fights, and (4) increase funding for EJ.

This article has great insights.  Click below for more details, and consider how you can contribute to this very important work.