New EPA Environmental Justice Strategic Plan promises action on Goods Movement

Last week, the EPA released their long-awaited Environmental Justice (EJ) strategic plan for the next four years, the EJ 2020 Action Agenda.  Its focus – very welcome to overburdened and polluted communities throughout the US – is “the environmental and public health issues and challenges confronting the nation’s minority, low-income, tribal and indigenous populations.”

This is a great next step” Lisa Garcia, Earthjustice VP of Litigation for Healthy Communities

 Perhaps of most interest to Moving Forward Network members and friends is that the plan includes a number of actions they recommended, including the development of an EPA goods movement working group:


For a more complete picture of the many ways in which EPA has committed to addressing goods movement in overburdened communities, please review this copy of the EJ2020 strategic plan with Goods Movement provisions highlighted, beginning on Page iv.

For more information, check out the links below. The original unannotated EJ plan is available via the last link.

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