Port of Houston to build Zero Emissions Freight System

The Port of Houston is partnering with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute to build a Zero Emissions freight system to move freight containers between its two container terminals, Barbour’s Cut and Bayport.  The Freight Shuttle System (FSS) will move freight containers five miles on a track built above Texas Highway 146 at a cost of about 10 cents per mile, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.

Adrian Shelley, executive director of MFN member Air Alliance Houston, and Stephanie Thomas of Public Citizen recently visited Texas A&M to watch the unveiling of the FSS and learn more about it from Dr. Stephen Roop, chief scientist at Freight Shuttle International and professor at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Adrian Shelly and Stephanie Thomas at Texas A&M University

Adrian Shelly and Stephanie Thomas at Texas A&M University

Learn more about their visit and this very promising technology in Stephanie Thomas’ blog post, Can the Freight Shuttle Reduce Cngestion and Clean Houston’s Air?

For more information, check out the video and news links below.

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