Don’t miss “Activists Defeat SCIG – Court Strikes Down BNSF Railyard Project”

Photo: Jesse Marquez, executive director of Coalition for a Safe Environment (Source: Random Lengths News)

After a ten year battle, Moving Forward Network members and other organizations defeated an effort by the City of Los Angeles and one of the richest companies in America, Berkshire Hathaway, to build a polluting rail yard, the BNSF Southern California Intermodal Gateway (SCIG), directly adjacent to the community of West Long Beach, California.  The rail yard would have been next to schools, homes, and businesses, and brought huge quantities of deadly diesel exhaust pollution into the air and residents lungs.


The Berkshire Hathaway project was stopped by a California Superior Court judge, who ruled that the City of Los Angeles and its Port failed to perform adequate environmental analysis before approving the massive SCIG railyard, which would be constructed adjacent to many residents, schools and businesses in West Long Beach.

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This was a wonderful win for the community, achieved in large part because of over a decade of hard work by community-based organizations.

Could others do this in their communities? Could you?  Yes!

For inspiration and information on how community-based organizations defeated a dangerous plan by a wealthy company, check out this excellent article by Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor of Random Lengths News.

Activists Defeat SCIG: Court Strikes Down BNSF Railyard Project

To help give community-organizations more tools to protect workers and nearby residents, sign our petition asking the EPA to regulate air pollution from ports, rail yards, and freight corridors.

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