Moving Forward Network members key to Oakland rejection of coal trains and port

Photo Source: Faith Community Unites Against Dangerous Oakland Coal Exports, Sierra Club

The Moving Forward Network is made up of over 40 organizations across the United States fighting for environmental justice and public health  – and often winning.  The successes of our members and their allies in Oakland, California to stop a dangerous coal terminal and coal trains illustrates what we communities can do when they join forces.

Congratulations to members West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), Sunflower Alliance, Earthjustice, and your partners for mobilizing the community to keep dangerous coal shipments out of Oakland!

“The Council hearing capped off a well-coordinated campaign against coal which resulted in what some long-term environmental activists are calling an unprecedented show of solidarity across demographic and ethnic lines. “It’s been a tremendous effort, probably the most powerful organizing effort I’ve seen in Oakland since I’ve been involved in environmental work,” said Brian Beveridge, who’s worked with (Margaret) Gordon for the past decade on the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), one of the core organizations which anchored the campaign, along with the Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Communities For a Better Environment, Baykeeper, Asian Pacific Islander Environmental Network and Sunflower Alliance.”

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