#ZeroEmissionsNow – Germany joins the Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance

It’s official – Germany joined the Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance, bringing membership to 13 nations, states, and provinces.

Other members include the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont and Québec – with a combined market size of 10 million new vehicles per year.

As the chart below shows, conversion to zero emissions vehicles could have a huge effect on greenhouse gas emissions.  Of course, it would also drive a reduction in illness and death from air pollution.

To learn more, read the excellent NRDC blog post, or the just-released paper by the International Council on Clean Transportation:

At COP21, 13 Jurisdictions Go All-In to Create World’s Largest Market for Zero-Emission Vehicles, NRDC

Global climate change mitigation potential from a transition to electric vehicles, International Council on Clean Transportation

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