“We are letting China pollute LA”, Mark Lopez of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice speaks out on Port of L.A. pollution reduction cheating

A view of operations at the Port of Los Angeles on Oct. 13. 

 (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Don’t miss this very power radio interview by Warren Olney of three three players in the Port of L.A. pollution reduction fraud scandal – Mark Lopez, leader of MFN member East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, which is protecting the community from port pollution, Gene SerokaExecutive Director of the Port of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Times Reporter Tony Barboza, who has provided excellent reporting.

Mark Lopez summed up the outcome of this ten year fraud on the people of Los Angeles in six words:
“We are letting China pollute LA”

Among other interesting points in the interview was Gene Seroka’s repeated dodging of the question as to whether employees had been disciplined or fired for this cheating, which appears to have been hidden from the leadership of the port, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission.

Listen to the interview by clicking below.

For background, read some of Tony Barboza’s fine reporting on this story: