Clean Water Action calls on Governor Cuomo to clean up the Bayonne Bridge EJ mess!

Moving Forward Network member Clean Water Action is one of the most muscular environmental justice groups in America, with more than a million members and a 40 year track record of success.

Clean Water Action is a key player in EJ in New York and New Jersey, where it has led the way on a wide variety of issues, including cleaning up diesel exhaust air pollution emitted by the Port of New York and New Jersey.

Their current battle?  To protect residents on both New York and New Jersey ends of the Bayonne Bridge from environmental and health assault by the port authority as they raise the bridge.

Kim Gaddy, key player in the Moving Forward Network, very accomplished environmental organizer for Clean Water Action and key participant in the New Jersey Coalition for Healthy Ports, sent us the excellent blog post linked below. 

Clean Water Action has partnered with local groups on a petition campaign to get New York Governor Cuomo take action to protect his constituents. Check it out, and if you live in New York or New Jersey, join this battle for environmental justice.

Campaigning for Environmental Justice

And no matter where you live, if  you haven’t already done it, please help us protect workers and  residents of nearby neighborhoods by cleaning up ALL dirty ports and rail yards in America.

Please take one minute, click the picture, and sign the petition!