Two new studies show that short term exposure to particulate matter causes heart attacks and other acute cardiovascular problems

Source: California Air Resources Board
Much research in the past few years has shown that brief exposure to high levels of Particulate Matter can cause heart attacks and other serious heart problems.

The two articles below, published within the last week, and the abstracts that follow add increased urgency to the argument that we need to lower particulate matter exposure, of which diesel exhaust is a major contributor.

News articles

Particulate Matter Tied to Hospitalizations for CVD – Same-day exposure takes a toll on Medicare patients, MedPage Today

“We found that a 10-μg/m3 increase in PM10-2.5 was associated with a statistically significant increase in cardiovascular hospitalizations on the same day as exposure,” Powell and colleagues wrote.

Risk Of Heart Attack Linked To Air Pollution, But Only For People With Preexisting Heart Disease, Medical Daily

“Our research indicated that during poor air quality days, namely those with high levels of PM 2.5, patients with heart disease are at a higher risk of suffering from a STEMI heart attack,” said lead author Dr. Kent Meredith in a statement.

Research abstracts

Ambient Coarse Particulate Matter and Hospital Admissions in the Medicare Cohort Air Pollution Study, 1999- 2010, Environmental Health Perspective

Abstract 15149: Short-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter Air Pollution Preferentially Increases the Risk of ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Events, American Heart Association