Bicycle riders in a Colorado city exposed to high levels of black carbon

Motor vehicle traffic poses many risks to commuters.
The Commuter Study aims to investigate the association between air pollution from traffic and the health of commuters. Source: Colorado State University
Results of a multi-year Commuter Study show that bicycle riders in Fort Collins inhale large quantities of air pollution, especially black carbon, a marker for diesel exhaust, and raise concerns that the air pollution they breath may negate the healthful effects of bicycle riding.

This phase of the study, involving 45 riders who wore air monitoring and GPS equipment, also demonstrated that air pollution exposure can be reduced by avoiding travel near highways.

The Commuter Study was conducted by Jennifer Peel and John Volckens, Colorado State University air quality researchers. The study, the first research of its kind to compare exposures on different routes using different modes of transportation, is ongoing.  The next phase of the study will examine health indicators of commuters.

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