Zero emissions freight is coming!

Source: @ArianaVito

The Coalition for Clean Air held the Port and Freight Solutions Symposium yesterday in Long Beach, California to share information about cleaning up air pollution from freight transportation, and  to inspire action.

The keynote presenter at this well-attended meeting was Joe Lyou of the Coalition for Clean Air.  The day’s events included three panel presentations with over 15 excellent speakers including Barry Wallerstein from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Angelo Logan from the Moving Forward Network and Adrian Martinez of EarthJustice

Among the topics discussed were the Moving Forward Network’s Zero Campaign and clean technologies like Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) trucks and on-dock electrical systems. Mike Simon of Transpower reported that they have nine all-electric 80,000 pound drayage and yard trucks in operations, and projects having 50 zero emissions trucks at work within two years.

Would you like to help make zero emissions a reality and protect communities around ports and railyards, and their workers?