Two victories by the East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) we can learn from!

Source: KCET. Photo by Jocelyn Del Rey Jimenez top media
The inspirational grass-roots organization East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ), had not one but two victories last week.  

The first was “a guerrilla-style, bike-in film screening and photography exhibit” on the Los Angeles River, well covered by KCET Los Angeles.  This very successful event helped promote Community Alternative 7 (CA7), which includes LA River improvements and a zero-emissions freight corridor.

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The second EYCEJ win, not yet publicized in the news media, was reported by EYCEJ on their Facebook page on Friday – the vote by the City of Commerce California council to adopt the Green Zones Action Plan – a set of principles and strategies, including pollution reduction measures, for addressing the harmful effects from industry. 
The Green Zones Action Plan is an excellent approach to cleaning up industrial pollution. If your city has pollution problems from local industries, you might find it a good place to start!
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