Environmental and community groups win battle to protect millions of people

EPA’s recent release of rules that limit the air pollution over 140 refineries in populated areas can emit and requires fence-line monitoring was a result of hard work and a lawsuit by environmental and community groups, including MFN members.

Their work will improve the lives of millions of people who live within a few miles of these refineries.  EPA’s new rules will lesson cardiovascular and respiratory disease, lower the cancer risk for 1.4 million people, and save the lives of some who will never get the disease.

The next time someone tells you that individuals and small groups of people cannot make a difference, tell them they are wrong.

Among the heros of this story, with apologies to those I leave out:

A few links to more information about this victory are below. 

If you are an Environmental Justice advocate, check out the last link, one of the first EPA E.J. rulemaking analyses (i.e., an analysis of the communities living near a pollution source).

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