BNSF engineer blows whistle on 350+ safety violations – awarded $1.25 million

BNSF Railway says that its “vision is to operate injury- and accident-free”, but the reality can be very different.

Check out this story – a BNSF locomotive engineer raised concerns with the company about serious safety problems, including signals that would “inexplicably switch from red to yellow to green – potentially creating confusion that could lead to a crash.” BNSF would not fix the problems, so he reported them to the Federal Railroad Administration, as is his legal right.  

A Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) investigation revealed over 350 safety violations, including hundreds of track and signal defects. Within weeks, the company fired him.  A jury found in his favor, and awarded him $1.25 million, including punitive damages.

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Jury Awards $1.25M to Railroad Whistleblower, Zuckerman Law