Video – how to start a How to Start a Citizen Science Program + 5 other EPA air monitoring training videos!

Community leaders and EPA presenters (Source: EPA)
In July, the EPA Office of Research and Development held an excellent Community Air Monitoring Training class at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – .

EPA just released the training classes as a series of excellent short videos.  If you are involved with citizen science, you do not want to miss them!

Topics covered are:

  • Air Quality Monitoring and Sensor Technologies
  • How to Start a Citizen Science Program
  • Citizen Science Study Design
  • Data Measurement, Management, Quality, Uncertainty
  • Quality Assurance, and 
  • Short Term Measurements and Air Quality Messaging/ Regulatory Requirements for Data 

To view and learn more about them, check out the excellent blog by EPA’s Amanda Kaufman.

Release of Community Air Monitoring Training Videos