Please support the Zero Campaign to require ports, rail yards and other freight facilities to meet clean air standards

The Moving Forward Network asks the EPA to require that ports, rail yards, and other freight facilities meet clean air standards so that deadly diesel exhaust emissions and the damages they cause to public health are eliminated.

Air pollution from ports and freight transportation threatens the health, environment, and quality of life of millions of people, particularly those who live in overburdened communities near freight facilities and transportation networks. Yet, loopholes in regulatory processes allow ports and goods movement activities to continue without adequate protections for communities and port regions across the country. The impact of lax regulations is captured in the short video below.

We recommend that EPA take two steps now to address these problems:

  1. EPA should prioritize reducing air pollution from freight facilities across the nation.   
  1. EPA should develop  and implement a  comprehensive plan for tackling emissions from the freight transportation system.

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