Oakland Citizens Groups Provide Roadmap for Reducing Truck Traffic Problems

Source: East Bay Express
Two weeks ago we published  An Oakland model for harnessing citizen activism, collaboration, and citizen science to reduce dangerous diesel exhaust exposure, focusing on a very successful collaborative model for reducing problems with heavy duty diesel truck traffic.
Today, the venerable East Bay Express ran an article on the same subject, East Oakland Residents to Breathe Easier, with the subtitle, “Activists led a successful campaign to reroute diesel-spewing trucks away from residential streets.”

Like many successful citizen-driven efforts, success required support from and collaboration with many organizations., including the Kresge Foundation, EPA Region 9, the California Air Resources Board, the University of Southern California Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, Occidental College Environmental Science concentration, Brown University Center for Environmental Health and Technology, and the City of Oakland.

If your community has problems with truck traffic, you should look at what MFN member West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and Communities for a Better Environment have achieved, and consider whether a similar approach would help you and your neighbors!