Interested in Citizen Science? Don’t miss Community Connections: Bringing Together Scientists+Local Voices – Saturday,September 26

Whether you are a scientists who wants to learn more about collaborating with the community, or a community member who wants to learn how to work with scientists, you will want to attend Community Connections: Bringing Together Scientists+Local Voices, sponsored by the  Union of Concern Scientists, a Moving Forward Network supporter.

The Town Hall will be held in Houston, Texas, and can be attended in person or via webinar.

The morning will be devoted to a National town hall meeting, with amazing speakers. The afternoon will focus on Houston.  Speakers include leaders of two fine organizations, both members of the Moving Forward Network, Juan Parras, cofounder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.), and Adrian Shelley, executive director of Air Alliance Houston.

To learn more about this great event, click here.