Stop dirty coal exports from Oakland – Fossil Fuel Rally, July 21

Environmental justice and climate justice activists from across California and the US are joining forces on July 21 in Oakland.  Mark your calendar, and join in the action!  Background follows:

Oakland EJ leaders are fighting a proposed coal export terminal at the Port of Oakland – the Oakland Bulk and Oversize Terminal,  They oppose the coal terminal on both climate justice and environmental justice grounds.  An uncovered coal car emits an average of 500 pounds of particulate matter during transport, and burning the coal will emit huge amounts of global warming carbon dioxide.

Terminal developers claim the coal cars will be covered, but since that is never done in the U.S., opponents do not believe them.  The city and Port of Oakland also oppose the project, but their actions to date have been ineffectual. ‘

At least two Moving Forward Network member organizations are in the forefront of this battle, the Sunflower Alliance and the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP).  Magaret Gordon, WOEIP leader, has called on the city to take substantive action.

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