Environmental Integrity Project wins second major victory in two months (Baltimore MD)

Source: Environmental Integrity Network

We enjoy reporting on members and friends of the Moving Forward Network.

Today, we are reporting on the Baltimore-based Environmental Integrity Project (EIP). The EIP is a very effective organization, with a team of eight attorneys, plus research, community outreach and other staff, and an experienced leadership team.
Their work has led to two victories for the public in recent months, the first to stop a crude oil terminal, and the second a trash incineration plant.
In early June, their opposition and outstanding research prompted the State of Maryland to deny a permit to allow volatile crude oil to be shipped by rail through Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.

This was an important victory, protecting the public from possible derailments, fires, explosions, and air and water pollution.  More information about that controversy and decision can be found in State denies permit for Baltimore Crude Oil Terminal.

The Environmental Integrity Project has now won another major victory, with even more wide-spread impacts.  They were a major player in killing a proposed heavily polluting trash incineration plant.  Partners in this long battle included United Workers and the student group Free Your Voice.

To learn more, check out the Baltimore Sun news article City cancels deal with trash-burning power plant, and the excellent EIP report, Waste-To-Energy: Dirtying Maryland’s Air by Seeking a Quick Fix on Renewable Energy?