There is no excuse for your port to pollute your air – check out the AMECS solution

Battles have been raging at ports around the world between communities that are sick of being subjected to deadly diesel exhaust pollution and port authorities and terminal operators who won’t resolve the problems.

The tools exist to resolve these problems, and it is not rocket science.  It is simply a matter of priorities.

Do port authorities want their neighbors to shoulder their costs in the form of asthma attacks, heart and respiratory disease, cancer, and other health effects – or are they willing to resolve the problems?

There are at least two good solutions, shore power and the Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS) used at the Port of Long Beach.  According to the Port of Long Beach, AMECS achieves impressive pollution reductions:

Particulate Matter     94.5 percent
NOx                          99+ percent
SO2                          98.5 percent
VOCs                       99.5 percent

For more information, please review the presentation below, by Jesse Marquez of the Coalition For A Safe Environment (CFASE) of Wilmington, CA, and visit the MFN AMECS collection.