Make your voice heard –> EPA EJ 2020 Action Plan comment period extended

Source: Region 7 EPA Program
If you are involved in Environmental Justice work, make sure you have input into the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EJ 2020 Action Plan, which will guide EPA environmental justice for the next five years, and greatly influence EJ throughout the Federal government and the states.

The deadline for comments has been extended to July 15, so don’t miss your chance to help shape the future of environmental justice in the U.S.

Environmental Justice leader Charles Lee and his nationwide EPA Environmental Justice team are working hard to provide as many opportunities to learn and comment as possible.

The EPA EJ team has held over 75 briefing and comment sessions, including one I and other Diesel Health Project team members attended in Kansas City last week. Check out our blog post to find out more about that.

Learn more from the video below, and get details at the EPA EJ2020 site.