Fine particulate matter air pollution linked to decrease of white matter in brains of elderly people

Source: PM Pollution Decreases Brain Function in Over 50 Population,

 Particulate matter (PM) is a very dangerous component of diesel exhaust, typically covered by as many as 30 toxins. No level of diesel exhaust air pollution has been shown to be safe.  The news about its health effects gets worse on a weekly basis, as researchers find more health damage caused by particulate matter.

A new research study, led by University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine researchers, shows that the effects of PM on the brains of the elderly are severe:

For more information, see the USC press release or review a just-released journal article about the study, both below.

Press release – Air pollution may affect the way the brain ages and functions

Unedited article – Ambient Air Pollution and Neurotoxicity on Brain Structure: Evidence from Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study