Excellent port maps online – with misinformation on a port workers’ strike that never happened

Maps are important to the Environmental Justice movement.  They are great analytical and communications tools.

 And nobody does mapping better than the software giant ESRI with their ARCInfo GIS tools.

Because of that, I was excited to hear from other Moving Forward Network members that somebody  (not ESRI) built a set of online freight transportation maps, and shared them on the ESRI Storymap transportation site.

They are indeed beautiful and informative. I just wish the author could do words as he or she does maps.

The text on their port map website that says there was a dockworkers strike after July 2014, and that the dockworkers forced a dock shutdown is horribly wrong and inflammatory.

For the record, there was no strike.  The root problem of port problems – including labor problems – was the port terminals’ inability to efficiently or effectively handle the new larger container ships, and nobody forced the terminal operators to shut down operations.

Please check out and enjoy the maps, but unless you like reading misinformation, skip the tabs that discuss the port strike that never happened.

The Reach of Supply Chain Management: Seeing is Believing