EPA EJSCREEN software to be made public on June 10

EPA held a very good webinar on their EJSCREEN software today.  The webinar presentation is embedded below, and available here

In the first release data announcement I have heard, the EPA said EJSCreen will be available to the public on June 10, at the website https://www.epa.gov/ejscreen   

A few interesting points:

  • The National Air Toxics Assessment data will be greyed out and unavailable the public version of the software, due to its age (2005).  EPA staff said that 2011 data will be made available (and usuable in the tool) by the end of the year.             
  • EPA stresses that it uses EJScreen only for pre-decisional analysis, and that nobody outside of EPA will be required to use it.
  • They emphasized that EPA never determines what is or is not an “EJ community, and will not use the tool for that purpose.
  • The rural data is less reliable than urban data, due to small sample sizes.
  • There has been some confusion between EJScreen and EJView.  EJView is currently available, but will be superceded by EJScreen upon release.
I am looking forward to being able to use this excellent tool!