Webinar tomorrow (April 7) on new study that finds strong link between asthma & traffic-related air pollution

The California Air Resources Board is hosting a seminar and webinar on Tuesday, April 7 from 1:30-3:30 PDT on a recently released study, Risk of pediatric asthma morbidity from multipollutant exposures.

The CARB reported that key findings included:

  • Associations of asthma with ambient pollution, including carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and PM2.5, were stronger among children exposed to high traffic-related air pollution at their homes, suggesting this is a vulnerable population.
  • Hospital encounters for asthma were linked to PM2.5 and ozone in warm months, and with PM2.5, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxides of nitrogen in the cool season.
  • Hispanic and African American children, as well as those without private insurance, tended to live in areas associated with higher levels of traffic-related air pollution, further increasing their vulnerability.
For more information: 
  • Review the presentation by Ralph J. Delfino, M.D., Ph.D, at the University of California Irvine Department of Epidemiology.