Small increase in containers at Bayonne NJ port causes “traffic nightmare” on nearby highways, what will the future bring?

In what may be a harbinger of the future, a small 15 percent increase in container volume at a cargo terminal near Bayonne NJ has wreaked havoc on the surrounding community, causing traffic to come to a standstill on nearby highways.

In anticipation of increasing container imports, the Global Marine Terminal has more than doubled its container handling capacity from 500,000 to 1.1 million containers per year.


  • Raising the Bayonne Bridge to accommodate the New Panamax mega container ships will cost about $1 billion. 
  • How many more truck trips a day will be required to unload these new 13,000 container ships?
  • What impact has this small increase in container volume and resulting traffic congestion had on air quality in nearby communities?  
  • How much worse will congestion and air pollution be in communities near the Ports of New York and New Jersey after the Bayonne Bridge has been raised?
  • What will it cost to upgrade the regional road network to handle the increased traffic?  

If you can answer either of these questions, please post a comment!
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