Diesel exhaust component PM 2.5 linked to brain shrinkage, silent strokes, and dementia

Source: The Telegraph

The bad news about diesel exhaust and its toxic components just keeps coming. Research released yesterday by the Journal Stroke implicates Particulate Matter 2.5, a major component of diesel exhaust, to brain damage and dementia.

I am compiling an annotated list of “Medical problems linked to toxins in diesel exhaust”. It isn’t complete yet, but includes Asthma, Anxiety, Autism, Birth Defects, Brain Damage, Cancer, Decreased intelligence in children, Dementia, Heart Attacks, Hyperactivity, Preterm birth and low birth weight, Poorly developed lungs, Premature Death, Respiratory disease, Strokes, and Suicide.

The two articles below are very good, and for those who want to dig deeper, the abstract follows. 

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