Citizens Acting for Rail Safety (CARS) demand environmental impact study of Upper Mississippi Rail Corridor

Source: Upper Midwest Freight Corridor Study 
For many years, American railroads have been doing what they wish with virtually no local, State, or Federal controls.  As has been documented here and elsewhere, in most cases they can build whatever transportation facilities and transport whatever they want, wherever they want, with little if any oversight.

The result – dangerous oil and chemical trains traveling through heavily populated areas, rail yard neighbors living with dangerous diesel exhaust air pollution, and for the unluckiest of communities – derailments, chemical releases, fires, and explosions.

Increasingly, community groups are fighting to change that. Two citizens groups in the Midwest –  Citizens for Rail Safety – Twin Cities and Citizens for Rail Safety – La Crosse have demanded an Environmental Impact Statement for the entire Upper Mississippi Rail Corridor to ensure the freight system is safe.

Two recent news articles provide the latest information on these groups and their work:

Nine CARS members sue Wisconsin DNR over BNSF rail expansion permit in La Crosse, CARS – La Crosse

For background, watch this informative video, or read the news articles below.