BREAKING – Oil train derailment, explosion, and fires may have been caused by BNSF failure to replace faulty wheel

Source: KOLO8 (labeled for reuse)
Yesterday, the Federal Railway Administration (FRA) issued a safety advisory, finding that BNSF ignored multiple early warnings of a faulty wheel that may have caused or contributed to last month’s Galena IL derailment, fire, and explosions.

The FRA also took a number of actions, including  issued an emergency order requiring railroads to slow trains carrying flammable liquids in metropolitan areas. For more information, review the FRA press release or article below.

DOT Agencies Take Coordinated Actions to Increase the Safe Transportation of Energy Products, Federal Railway Administration

U.S. sets speed limit on oil-carrying trains in cities, Chicago Tribune

Feds tighten safeguards for oil trains, advocates want more, Chicago Daily Herald

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