With almost $4 billion in profits from BNSF last year, why can’t Warren Buffett protect his Argentine KS neighbors?

The article Service problems in 2014 give BNSF ‘a lot of work to do,’Warren Buffet says makes it clear that Warren Buffet knows the BNSF railroad has failed it’s responsibility to Kansas and other farmers.

Did BNSF management also tell him how they have failed to protect the people who live near the BNSF Argentine Railyard?

Does Warren Buffet’s CEO Matt Rose tell him that the BNSF railroad routinely lets 30-40 diesel locomotives idle just 1200 feet from an Argentine neighborhood – a community that includes children, the elderly, and sick people?

Did BNSF management tell Warren that a neighborhood community group has been monitoring Black Carbon on the fenceline of the rail yard, met with the executives, showed them the dangerous readings, and asked them to resolve the problems?

Does Warren Buffet know that the railroad has done nothing to protect the neighborhood?