Ports congestion to persist + oil train concerns increase

The latest oil train news

West Virginia Train Disaster Spikes Opposition to California Project, KCET TV

The City of San Luis Obispo is fighting oil by rail transport plans.

West Virginia oil trains continue after multiple derailments and spills.

WA State seeks more oversight as rails carry more oil , Seattle Times

Projections are for oil trains in the State of Washington to triple by 2020.  Washingtonians are fighting back.

The latest West Coast Port Congestion News

579 miles of containers await unloading on the West Coast!

Despite West Coast ports’ labor deal, normality not yet on horizon, LA Times

It will take at least three months to clear up the backlog of containers waiting to be unloaded at West Coast ports, and even then, logistics problems remain.
With terminals at 90-95 percent capacity, and 23 ships berthed at the Ports of LA nd Long Beach, the backlog will not be resolved quickly.