New high tech EPA air pollution monitoring vehicle sighted in LA!

If you live in LA, watch for the green Ford Explorer with the 6′ sensor mast in front!

Photo from the KPCC story linked below

This is the second EPA-funded mobile air pollution monitoring vehicle we’ve covered in these pages.  The first was used in the groundbreaking EPA study of the BNSF intermodal rail yard in Cicero, Illinois, which revealed high levels of dangerous Particulate Matter blown across the neighborhood.

This monitoring vehicle, now being pilot tested in LA, monitors benzene, toluene and methane in real time, and will be soon be tested in other cities.  If the pilot test program is successful, mobile platforms like this may be routinely used to identify hot spots for further investigation.  The test is funded by the EPA National Enforcement Investigation Center.

For more information, check out:

New mobile air pollution monitor being tested in Los Angeles, KPCC, Feb. 10