Is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey being honest?

I need help getting something straight.

In 2013, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey dodged the need to mitigate the health impacts of raising the Bayonne Bridge and of protecting the residents of the cities that own the land they rent by issuing a report that concluded that “the raising of the Bayonne Bridge would generate little additional commerce or truck traffic.” (Bayonne Bridge project endangers public health)

After gaining approval for and starting work on the Bayonne Bridge in 2014, Port Authority Port Commerce Director Richard Larrabee now says:

“We made progress last year to more efficiently handle the level of cargo coming into this port, but we clearly recognize more needs to be done… to ensure that we can accommodate the larger ships and the cargo volumes that want to come to the New York-New Jersey region.” (Port of New York/New Jersey reports cargo record)

Has the Port Authority been honest with New York and New Jersey taxpayers?

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