Environmental Justice, Diesel health problems, Port Gridlock, TPP, Bomb Trains, and Clean Air Limbo

A news wrapup for our members and friends…

Low Income Communities Bear Brunt Of Environmental Burden (Audio news spot), WGBH Boston
“I can’t breath has a double meaning..”

Labour’s drive towards diesel cars causing ‘massive public health problem,’ admits shadow Environment Minister, The Independent
A sad story of best intentions…and not paying attention to the facts about diesel

Big ships prompt a wave of upgrades at ports, Orange County Register
This is a good article about how super-sizing container ships has forced the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to spend $2 billion in new infrastructure costs, and is driving more automation.

Sloppy lab work forces EPA to trash data, put state in Clean Air Act limbo, E&E Publishing
EPA folks I know are very serious about their data being solid, and this is a good illustration of why.  Perhaps not clear to all readers…this article is about contracted lab work, not work by EPA employees.

What’s Behind the Reported Volume Numbers from U.S. West Coast Ports?, Supply Chain Matters
This is a very thoughtful blog post on port gridlock, growth of imports, and more, without as much unsubstantiated labor bashing as some observers include.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership won’t deliver jobs or curb China’s power, LA Times
“U.S. manufacturing has lost 5.5 million jobs since 1997, due in large part to the growth of U.S. goods trade deficits with China and other countries.”

Federal Court Order: Explosive DOT-111 “Bomb Train” Oil Tank Cars Can Continue to Roll, DeSmogBog
The Sierra Club/ForestEthics lawsuit against the U.S Department of Transportation has been delayed by order of the court.