Seven inland ports proposed for Florida – will there be enough business for all of them?

This blogger has written about the seeming economic irrationality of many port and inland port investments.  A recent post, Florida – Land of ‘build it and they will come” port dreams focused on Florida’s sea and inland ports.  Now, the Florida business press is quietly raising similar questions.

Source: Florida Trend (complete article requires registration)

Florida’s inland ports of call

Jason Garcia | 11/26/2014
Investors in seven major inland port projects are banking on a jump in international trade, but will there be enough business for all of them? Get updates on them all, including: Plum Creek Timber’s North Florida Intermodal Center; Rayonier’s Crawford Diamond Industrial Center; CSX’s Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center; A. Duda & Sons’ Americas Gateway Logistics Center; U.S. Sugar and Hilliard Bros.’ Airglades Airport; Florida East Coast Industries’ South Florida Logistics Center; and Florida Crystals’ South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center.

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