Unify Tar Sand Resistance: Help Us Bring Leaders and Activists Together

Just received from Bryan Parras at t.e.j.a.s.  Please donate and help this fine organization!


Tar sands are here Houston. This toxic stuff is being pumped into our communities via the southern segment of the Keystone XL pipeline — forcing us to breath the pollution from the dirtiest oil on the planet.

We need to get to the source of this toxic pollution and begin to heal from this destruction.

At the end of this month our indigenous sisters and brothers up in Alberta, Canada are hosting the fifth and final Tar Sands Healing Walk. This spiritual march through the heart of the tar sands mines will be a powerful moment to raise awareness of the most destructive industrial project on the continent and to connect the struggles of all who oppose it.

Myself and five other Gulf Coast leaders in the fight against tar sands have been invited to theHealing Walk — and we need your help to get there!

Consider a generous donation to sponsor our journey to the Tar Sands Healing Walk. 

Other leaders who will represent the Gulf Coast at the Healing Walk include my father Juan Parras, co-founder of t.e.j.a.s., Cherri Foytlin, a bold journalist, indigenous woman, mother of six and diehard advocate for the victims of the BP Drilling Disaster, and May Jones and Louise Moorer, lifelong residents of Africatown, Alabama who have taken leading roles in the fight against dangerous tar sands projects in Mobile, Alabama.

The Gulf Coast is one of the most important battlegrounds in the fight against tar sands, but it’s also a long way from Alberta, so we need your help making the journey.

Demonstrate your support with a donation of $5, $50, or $500 to help us hit our goal of $8,000 by this Sunday, June 15th.

Stopping tar sands exploitation starts with connecting frontline leaders at both ends of the pipeline. Its important for Gulf Coast communities breathing pollution at the “tailpipe” to connect and strategize with impacted indigenous leaders near the mining sites so we can build a continental movement strong enough to stop tar sands once and for all.

Help us unify our struggles at the Healing Walk and build the movement to stop tar sands once and for all. 

Thank you for your support and your solidarity. The Healing Walk will not only be a place for us to form powerful alliances but also a space to heal and reflect, so that we may return to our respective struggles with renewed spirit and purpose. We are fighting for our survival; only by walking together can we sustain ourselves on the long road ahead.

Thank you for your support,

Bryan Parras

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.) is an environmental justice organization that is committed to the promotion of environmental rights in communities of color and low-income populations within the state of Texas.