Internship Opportunity with the Diesel Health Project, in the Kansas City area

The Diesel Health Project, a Kansas City-area environmental organization based in Lawrence, Kansas, is looking for University of Kansas Environmental Studies Program and other intern team members for the Summer and Fall semesters.  

­The goal of the Diesel Health Project is to protect the health of the community by identifying and documenting environmental and health problems caused by Goods Movement in the Kansas City region, particularly Diesel Exhaust and other pollutants emitted by freight transportation, warehousing, and related activities, and taking action to ensure that the problems are mitigated as early and effectively as possible.

Our team carries out local projects and supports the national Moving Forward Network. Interns will receive business cards, training, hands-on experience, and opportunities for networking.

We have an excellent high-performing team in place, some of whom will graduate over the next few semesters. You will work with them, taking on new responsibilities and/or taking over from other team members as they leave for new jobs in the U.S. and abroad.

Available Positions and Roles

We have several available positions and assignments.  Interns can carry out some or all of the following roles, depending on time available. Assignments will be determined collaboratively, based on the interests and skills of the team member.  Interns will be given the widest possible ranges of roles and assignments so they can gain the most experience possible.

1.  We have positions available for several environmental journalists.  The position entails research, writing, and editing of our blog and online newsletters. Environmental Journalists will be individually credited with their work, and have the opportunity to be widely read.

2.  We have a Particulate Monitoring project underway in Kansas City, and Gardner, Kansas, and a Lawrence-based particle counting project beginning.  Team members will have the opportunity to use a monitor, record and analyze the data, and in our latest project, use the findings to influence public policy and perhaps get a city ordinance passed.  All team members can participate in this project if they wish.

3.  We are seeking one or two interns who to help put together the organizational framework for a regional clean air organization.  They will research similar organizations, and working with me and others, draft mission, vision, goals, and other foundational documents, and share them with a small group of interested people for discussion, comments, and finetuning. The end product will be an organization framework which will form the basis for launching the organization.

4. We have several other very important opportunities for independent or group research, in conjunction with a class, or not. I can provide a list of potential projects.­

If you are interested in learning more about our organization and how you could work with our team, please email or call me!


Eric Kirkendall
Diesel Health Project
785-550-3408 (cell)