Just released – Moving California Forward: Zero and Low-Emission Goods Movement Pathways

As announced on Sunday by Don Anair and Emiliano Mataka in a special Sacramento Bee article, Viewpoints: Modernize California’s freight transportation system to cut pollution, the California Cleaner Freight Coalition released an important report this morning, Moving California Forward: Zero and Low-Emission Goods Movement Pathways,

Electric Freight Train In Action
Image Source: Inside EVS 

The report identifies

“…cleaner freight alternatives that can reduce emissions well beyond today’s cleanest diesel and natural gas trucks. The study finds that strategies such as powering short-haul trucks with clean electricity could simultaneously benefit regional air quality and dramatically reduce climate-change emissions, while eliminating tailpipe emissions in communities most affected by truck traffic.”

The report covers many modes of freight transportation, including rail, truck, and ship; and evaluates numerous clean technology tools and strategies, including hybrid and electric drayage trucks, fixed guideway systems, short sea shipping,

One of their most interesting conclusions:

The combination of improved efficiencies from electrified drivetrains and the relatively low-emission California grid mix make electrified pathways the cleanest options, where electrification is applicable.

The complete report is available on the website of the Union of Concerned Scientists.