Invitation to Respond to VP Editorial on Port Infrastructure Investment and DC RR Tunnel Expansion Battle

Joe Biden Editorial – Panama Canal expansion creates opportunity for American manufacturers

I hope I am wrong, but as far as I can tell, during his tour of several ports and vigorous promotion of port infrastructure investment, Joe Biden has never spoken of the need to protect worker and resident health, or to include mitigation measures as part of infrastructure investments 

For those so inclined, the Baltimore Sun offers an opportunity to respond to his commentary.

Click here to read the editorial.  Responses may be sent to

Controversy over DC Freight Tunnel Expansion

Many people in Washington, D.C. are unhappy about the proposed expansion of a freight railroad tunnel that goes under Virginia Avenue, and the EPA has weighed in with a report critical of the draft Environmental Impact Statement.

For more information, check out Virginia Avenue Tunnel expansion proposed, or the EPA comments on the draft EIS.