Diesel Health Project and partners expand diesel exhaust air pollution monitoring from Gardner to Argentine Kansas

On Sunday, November 3, several Kansas City-area organizations, with the technical assistance of Global Community Monitor, expanded diesel exhaust pollution monitoring from Gardner to Kansas City, Kansas.

This past weekend, Denny Larson of Global Community Monitor trained about 20 people from Kansas City and Gardner in how to use pollution monitors, we scouted sites in both locations, and began monitoring in new locations in both cities.

The Diesel Health Project, initiated in a partnership with Breaking the Silence of Kansas City, Kansas, and citizen groups and individuals from Kansas City, Gardner, and Lawrence, Kansas conducted background monitoring near the new BNSF intermodal yard rural Johnson County earlier this year, and is monitoring the operations of facility, which opened a few weeks ago.

The Diesel Health Project and Breaking the Silence are participating organizations in the Moving Forward Network,

We have received technical advice from the Environmental Protection Agency, and technical and financial support from the Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council, and other area organizations.  Global Community Monitor’s work is supported by the Kresge Foundation.

Stay tuned for more information!