Kresge Foundation awards grant to the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center to mitigate health impacts of port expansion

The Kresge Foundation has awarded a grant to help Andrea Hricko and other staff of the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center reduce the negative health impacts of freight transportation,

“The additional resources generously provided by The Kresge Foundation will allow us to write reports, submit comments and attend more meetings to present USC research findings to policymakers so they understand how important it is to evaluate health science data when making decisions about expansion,” Hricko said.

David Fukuzawa, program director for health at the foundation, added, “We are pleased to continue our support of Professor Hricko and her colleagues at the Keck School for their pioneering efforts to advance environmental health science on behalf of the residents near and around Southern California’s ports. They have become true national leaders.”

For more information, see :Keck School Group Receives Support to Mitigate the Health Effects of Port Expansion.