About the Moving Forward Network

Moving Forward Network
Transforming global trade for healthy communities
We envision that communities across the nation negatively impacted by the global trade system can become vibrant, healthy, sustainable places, including healthy workplaces, communities and environments, by reducing and ultimately eliminating those negative impacts.
To transform the global trade system by supporting the organizing, advocacy, education and research efforts of partners around the United States toward improving public health, quality of life, environmental integrity, labor conditions and environmental justice.
The Moving Forward Network builds the capacity of network participants working to improve the freight transportation system in the areas of environmental justice, public health, quality of life, the environment and labor. The Network does this through communications to facilitate information sharing, sharing advocacy tools, funding research on emerging issues, peer to peer training, and facilitating regional and national workshops to unite network participants and attract new allies. The Network also seeks to create national campaigns and educational initiatives on policies, undertaking outreach to new partners, and developing international links.