About the Conference

The 4th International Moving Forward Network Conference

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When it comes to industrial pollution and health hazards, an ever-increasing amount of research shows that low-income and communities of color bear the burden, threatening their health and well-being.  Environmental Justice communities are at the center of the global distribution of goods, along with many other sources of pollution. These goods are moved by ships, trains, and trucks which produce enormous levels of pollution that impact the health and livelihoods of workers and communities along the supply chain.  

In the midst of the climate crisis, high rates of disease, and environmental degradation, new solutions emerge. Community leaders, researchers, planners, and policymakers point to new strategies for community development and sustainable growth.


The Moving Forward conference will bring together organizers, advocates, regulators, developers, industry, planners, and policymakers. These leaders are working in and with communities to share lessons, craft strategies, and build skills, and they commit to moving forward together to build power and change conditions in communities across the globe. This FREE two-day conference will feature discussions and strategy sessions, including best practices and zero emission technology, as well as capacity building workshops in organizing, research, communications, social media, policy, and planning.

Join us in Carson, California on October 13-14th. Be prepared to connect, conspire, collaborate, and come together to grow the movement for health and justice.