California plans to eliminate diesel exhaust black carbon within 10 years

The California Air Resources Board CARB) issued an outstanding report this week, Proposed Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy, which provides a model for the Federal government and other states to improve public health and slow climate change,

In the report, the CARB details the ground-breaking work California has done to reduce black carbon, and proposes an approach to doing even more.

Black carbon is a potent climate change forcer which kills millions of people worldwide every year.  In U.S. urban areas, diesel engine exhaust – primarily from diesel freight trucks, is the primary source of black carbon.  Diesel exhaust black carbon is particularly insidious, because it is covered by as many as 40 carcinogenic and toxic compounds, and acts as a very effective toxin delivery system. When inhaled, the black carbon particles and their toxic payload is absorbed into the bloodstream, which delivers the poisons to every organ in the body, including the brain.

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New study shows diesel exhaust air pollution lower than EPA standards damages children’s lungs

Research to be published this week shows that even low levels of particulate matter and black carbon air pollution, components of diesel exhaust, damages children’s lungs.

This Boston study shows that by age eight, children living within 100 meters of a major roadway have, on average, 6 percent lower lung function than children living 400 meters or more from the roadway – even at levels below EPA standards.

Experts believe that lung damage in young children may be irreversible.

The lead researcher of this study is Mary B. Rice, MD MPH, a pulmonary and critical care physician with a research focus on air pollution, climate change, and respiratory health at Harvard Medical School.

In an accompanying editorial, Cora S. Sack, MD, and Joel D. Kaufman, MD, MPH, of the University of Washington wrote, “These important findings are from a novel study combining modern modeling of exposures to air pollution with robust measurements of lung function, conducted in a community with pollutant levels now under EPA standards,”

We do not need to emit diesel exhaust pollution and damage children’s heath. There are cleaner alternatives. Please click the link below and sign our petition asking the EPA to protect workers and nearby residents by regulating ports, rail yards, and other freight facilities.

The study, “Lifetime Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution and Lung Function in Children,” will be published in the April 15 edition of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care, a journal of the American Thoracic Society.  To learn more, watch for the next issue, or check out the press release below.

Even low levels of air pollution appear to affect a child’s lungs, American Thoracic Society

Leonardo DiCaprio joins forces with Comité Cívico Del Valle to expand Salton Sea air quality monitoring

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditTo my knowledge, no organization in the U.S. has achieved as much using citizen science as the Brawley, California community and environmental justice group Comité Cívico Del Valle. Comité Cívico, working with a network of academic, governmental, and other partners, has built a community-based air quality monitoring system consisting of 40 […]

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Check out the outstanding speakers and sign up for the free Moving Forward Network international conference!

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditCome to the free 4th international conference of the Moving Forward Network conference in Carson CA, and network and learn with some of the top environmental justice organizers in the country, plus enjoy exciting and informative speeches by Hong Kong environmental leader Christine Loh, mark! Lopez of East Yard Communities for Environmental […]

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Join us in Carson, CA to advance freight and warehouse worker health, safety and power - October 13-14

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditGraphic adapted from an AFL-CIO poster.   Are you an organizer in the goods movement industry or do you work as a port or warehouse worker, or as a truck driver? Are you concerned about freight transportation and warehouse worker health and safety? The Moving Forward Network shares your concerns and […]

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Hurricane Harvey: Union of Concerned Scientists partners on the ground need help ASAP

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditReceived on Friday from the Union of Concerned Scientists: Since last week, we at the Union of Concerned Scientists have been working to provide reliable, science-based information about storm preparedness and flood risk to people in the path of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction. We have worked and developed close relationships in this […]

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Is your city allowing homes and schools dangerously close to highways & risking the health of you and your children?

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditPhoto Source:MIT Is your city allowing developers to build schools, housing, and day care centers near busy highways?  Because of the health risks of living close to a highway can be high, this is a very dangerous practice. Even in Los Angeles, where California law makes it illegal to build a […]

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Learn how your group can implement community- based air quality monitoring: article + webinar on August 24

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditThis is an excellent article written by Luis Olmedo and Humberto Lugo of MFN member organization Comite Civico Del Valle, and others.  Check it out and consider – could this be a roadmap for your community group?   To learn more, register for the Community-Based Air Monitoring Webinar to be held on Thursday, August 24 from […]

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Free 2 day conference - fight the negative health & environmental impacts of freight transportation

Share Tweet Share +1 RedditPhoto: Group photo from the 2016 MFN meeting in Portland On October 13-14, 2017, more than 600 community leaders, advocates, scientists, and industry leaders will gather in Carson, California to confer, collaborate, and conspire to address the negative health and environmental impacts of freight transportation in communities. For two days, attendees […]

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Port of Oakland air pollution violates the civil rights of the community - Feds to investigate

Share Tweet Share +1 Reddit  Photo: CHRIS JORDAN-BLOCH / EARTHJUSTICE Many of the effects of diesel exhaust and other traffic-related air pollution are known and widely accepted  – including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and triggering of asthma attacks. In addition, studies have shown that the more air pollution a person is exposed to, the more likely […]

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