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The Trump Administration supports gutting public health and environmental regulations in order to “streamline” infrastructure projects.

Our communities deserve to breathe clean air.

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Our Netflix t.e.j.a.s. team fixing to take you on a journey: T.E.J.A.S TOXIC TOURS, welcome to #Houstink. (coming soon to a computer or TV next to you) Keep an eye out for it.....Yvette Arellano, Ana Parras, Rosanne Barone, Priscilla Villa, Nalleli Hidalgo,and Maricely Perez. Help us fight for Environmental Justice communities, they too deserve a Clean Environment, talking about Manchester in the eastend, Fifth Ward, Secondo Barrio, etc, etc. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Los Angeles area could be facing catastrophic level flooding because of its non-stop rainy weather. This puts thousands of predominantly working-class, communities of color at serious risk due to inadequate infrastructure & worsening weather.

Highly polluting companies in Texas are pinning the blame on Hurricane Harvey for their increased emissions, but research says this just doesn't make any sense. Plus, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality seems to be lax in its enforcement.