Moving Forward Network 4th International Conference

Breakout Session Schedule

Friday October 13th, 1:00-2:30pm

  • Leveraging Scientific Research for Community Action: Health Impacts and Goods Movement
  • Hip Hop Caucus: Arts, Culture and Politics
  • Zero Emission Truck Technology Overview
  • The Power in Unity, Movement and Vision (Part 1) *movement building panel
  • Technology Solutions to Reduce Pollution
  • We Are Seeds *Art and storytelling workshop
  • Using Civil Rights Laws for Environmental Justice *Day has changed, time slot is the same
  • Jobs, Labor, and Clean Air in Freight
  • Amplifying Resident Voices by Documenting Port of Los Angeles Off-Port Impacts

Saturday October 14th, 11:00-12:30pm 

  • Zero Emission Policy: Barriers and Opportunities
  • T-Shirt Printing 101
  • Using low cost sensors to assess local air quality: a hands-on workshop
  • The power in Unity, Movement, and Vision (part 2) *Movement building dialogue
  • Leveraging Brownfields to Promote Healthfields in Freight Impacted Communities
  • LBACA: Health, Knowledge, and Leadership *Community Health Worker model in Long Beach, CA
  • Building Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts into Local Decision Making
  • Love Wins! Grand Strategy & Art of War for Social Movement
  • Community-based planning and development: Strategies for working with policymakers
  • Community Planning Campaigns: Clean Up Green Up and Green Zones
  • Introduction to NEPA & CEQA

Saturday October 14th, 1:00-2:30pm

  • 10 Tips for Engaging in the Administrative Process *Day has changed, time slot is the same 
  • Solutionary Rail – rail electrification as an intersection just transition strategy
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Brownfields to Healthfields in Action *Roundtables about Brownfields to Healthfields
  • Screening Tools, Public Health Data and Goods Movement
  • Gaining media attention: identifying and pitching your story
  • Youth and Community Based Research
  • Storytelling for your advocacy work
  • Using Your Political Power to Get The Change You Seek
  • Environmental Justice, Climate, and Development: Perspectives from Funders
  • How to submit comment letters on project Environmental Impact Reports: tips and strategies
  • Zero Emission Technology Onsite Demonstrations
  • Siemen’s Catenary System Off Site Demonstration